How Do I Find a Good Doctor in South Africa?

Fast, affordable and absolute expert GPs – here’s how to find all the really good doctors in South Africa

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Smart, capable and able to see you today. It’s sometimes hard to find a good doctor. Especially if you’re new in an area, travelling or if your old doctor retired.

Here are 5 ways to find a good doctor who’s the kind of person you want to consult with. Plus: An option for seeing some of the top doctors in South Africa right in your own home.

PS: Did you know you can now see a Udok doctor on medical aid and no co-payment? Also see how to get a prescription in SA and learn who can write a sick note.

How to find a good doctor in South Africa

1. See a Doctor at the nearest Clicks Pharmacy

Clicks Pharmacies now have a service where you can meet a nurse in-person in the store, and see a doctor via video call,with the nurse assisting you with the check-up, while the doctor diagnosed and write the prescription etc.

Learn how to see a doctor at Clicks, how to get a prescription at Clicks and manage your repeat prescriptions.

2. Ask for recommendations

Your neighbours, friends, family and colleagues might be able to share some advice on which doctors they prefer in your area. Alternatively, you could use a search engine to see which doctors have good reviews online.

Other places to get recommendations for good doctors near you are asking your medical aid or even your local pharmacy.

3. Use a directory of doctors

Online directories can help you find doctors and sometimes offer enough information to help you decide whether you like a specific doctor or not. The only drawback with some online directories is that they are often not well maintained, so some of the information can be old.

It’s always advisable to double-check the information you get online by actually phoning the numbers provided to see if the doctor is still practising in your area.

4. Pop into a hospital or clinic

If you’re having trouble finding a good doctor near you, one alternative could be to contact or even visit established hospitals and clinics near you. Not only do they have medical staff, but they will also know local locum doctors and whom they normally refer patients to.

5. Do an online consultation instead

Did you know you don’t actually need to live nearby to see the best doctors in the country? You can see really good doctors you know and trust, no matter where you are with online doctor consultations.

It’s exactly the same as seeing a doctor in-person; they see you, ask a few questions, keep your medical records, give you advice, diagnoses and referrals – they will even give you prescriptions, have lab tests done and write you a sick note, if needed. 

The only difference is that you see them online, via video on your phone or computer. That means you don’t have to travel anywhere, you do it in the comfort of your home. And you also don't have to wait, if you log on you see the doctor right now.

It’s normally also up to 40% more affordable to see a doctor via virtual consult – see how much an online doctor consult costs. Also, see how to find an affordable doctor near you. And learn how to see a doctor right now for less and manage repeat prescriptions.

Learn how to see an emergency doctor over the holidays, get an emergency prescription over the holidays and learn how medical aids can reduce out-of-hospital costs by R3bn per year.

Also see how to find your ideal affordable doctor.

PS: Did you know you can now see a Udok doctor on medical aid and no co-payment?

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