Where are Udok Online Doctors Based?

Available any time, anywhere on any device through the Udok online doctors consultations platforms – but where are Udok doctors actually based?

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Udok’s complement of amazing top-tier doctors are available to see you no matter where you are – just log in to your profile on the Udok portal to see a doctor right now.

But, you’re connecting with the doctors virtually, via your phone or computer. So, where is the doctor you are speaking to actually based?

Where Udok Doctors are Based

Udok virtual doctors are real doctors, meaning they are qualified and have been practicingpractising for many years in South Africa and elsewhere. Most of them are considered among the best in their field – meet some of our doctors here. And see how to find a good doctor as well as steps to find your ideal affordable doctor.

At the moment, most of our doctors are located in various places all over South Africa. But they can still meet with you wherever you are because we handle everything online.

That’s the beauty of Udok’s online doctor consultants – you meet the best doctors, no matter if they are hundreds or even thousands of kilometres away.

We have some doctors who live in Cape Town, some in KZN, others in Gauteng. In fact, we have doctors from almost every corner of the country.

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Can I Choose which Doctor I want to See on Udok?

Of course, to a certain extent. See, our doctors manage their own schedules, so they are not all necessarily available at the same time. This means that the doctor you want to see might not always be online at the exact same time as you need them.

If that happens, we will provide you with a range of more of the best doctors to assist you as fast as possible.

However, if the doctor you’d like to see is available at the same time as you are, then of course you can see that doctor.

How to See Your Virtual Doctor Right Now

Embrace the future of healthcare with Udok and experience the benefits of virtual doctor consultations today.

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Save up to 40% on doctors' fees

Plus: No queues, no waiting, no travelling necessary. You can speak to one of the best doctors in South Africa right now, on your device – within 1 minute.

They can give you a prescription, sick note, advice & can even write referrals for lab tests – anything you need from the comfort of your home.

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