Build a Virtual Practice: Join the Udok Provider's Network

Start getting online clients instantly

Create a virtual or hybrid medical or pharmaceutical practice by joining the Udok providers network – ideal for doctors, nurses or pharmacies to get going online today.

Udok features some of the best and most talented doctors and nurses. You can always see who’s online any time of the day on the home page of the Udok App. What’s more, we also have strategic partnership opportunities for pharmacies – most people know Udok is Click’s virtual doctor provider.

We’ve already built the technology, and we already have patients that need your services – today. All you need to do is sign up to the Udok Providers Network and start practising virtually or hybrid right away.

What Udok can do for Your Practice

• License fees start from just R500 pm, then you start practising immediately.
• Use Udok as a hybrid solution (consult both virtually and in-person) to supplement your current physical practice, or run your entire practice online.
• Udok proactively sends new patients to the platform to help grow your business.
• Udok enables patients to conveniently access your practice online and pay for the service on the spot.
• Automate tasks like prescription refills, laboratory referrals, invoicing and follow-ups.
• Manage your digital practice from bookings to patient queues to billing in a single platform from anywhere on any device.

Learn how to set up a virtual practice with Udok.


Udok is a virtual network, built by doctors for doctors. And joining allows you to start practising online immediately – we actively find and supply you with patients from day one. And you manage everything simply and easily from any device.


Udok is not only for doctors! As a private nurse, you can build a virtual practice, too, from as little as R500 per month. We’ve already built all the tech and tools for you to manage your appointments, invoicing etc. from any device, and we can start sending you clients as soon as you join.


As a pharmacy, offering in-store consultations is a boon to business. Joining the Udok Providers Network means you can add virtual consultations to your offering – use it to supplement your current in-person offering or start offering consultations (if you haven’t before) at a low cost. Plus: We ensure more business by providing prescriptions to be filled at your pharmacy.