Big News: You Can Now Get a Prescription at Your Clicks Pharmacy – Here's How

Prescription at Clicks? Yes, no need to drive around anymore – you can now get a prescription with a doctor’s consultation, diagnosis, medicine and sick note in one go at your local Clicks Pharmacy.

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Need a prescription for your medicine?

Good news: You don’t need to travel from one place to another anymore to see a doctor and get a prescription or repeat prescription for your medication – you can now get a prescription at your Clicks Pharmacy!

How? Well, you know how only a licensed medical doctor can give you a prescription for medication?

Well, the good news is that you can now see a doctor at Clicks or see a doctor now.

(And it’s even 40% cheaper 40% cheaper than seeing the normal doctor – here’s how it works.)

Watch: See the Doctor and Get a Prescription at your Clicks Pharmacy

About Getting a Prescription at Clicks

If you didn’t know, the law says that you can only get a prescription from a doctor – a pharmacist can not give you all types of medicine.

And, in the past, that meant you had to go one place to see a doctor (who would give you a prescription) and then travel all the way to your Clicks Pharmacy to collect your medicine.

Not any more! Clicks and Udok have partnered to bring you a doctor who can write a prescription right in your local Clicks Clinic!

It’s super simple: Go to Clicks, get a Clinic booking – the nurse will help you, and then sit with you and help you do a Udok doctor’s consultation and get any prescription you need, right there in the Clicks store.

And it’s so easy to book…

Watch: Book a Doctor Consultation to Get a Prescription at Clicks

What is the Fee for Clicks Doctor Prescription?

Oh, and the best part is it is way cheaper than normal doctors' costs.

Seeing the doctor in the Clicks Clinic, with a nurse to help you as needed costs just R375. That’s over 40% cheaper than seeing a private doctor almost anywhere else.

And there’s no waiting – as soon as you arrive for your appointment, the doctor will be available for you.

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How to see the Doctor for a Prescription at Clicks

There are a few ways to see the doctor at Clicks:

  • You can book your consultation at your nearest Clicks.
  • Or, during your existing Clicks Clinic visit with a nurse, simply ask the nurse to add a doctor’s consultation to your service
  • Another option is to simply go to your local Clicks Clinic and make an appointment in person.

Or, you can simply go direct and see the doctor on your phone right now...

More ways to See the Doctor from Anywhere

But what if your nearest Clicks doesn’t have a clinic? Or the nurse isn’t available? Or they are fully booked?

‍No problem, you can still see the Udok doctor any time and from anywhere – you don’t even need to go to the Click store in this case, you can just see the doctor via your phone right from your own home.

Simply log in to the Udok doctor app to see a real doctor from anywhere in minutes.

You can now even see a Udok doctor on medical aid and no co-payment?

The doctor will see you now

Save up to 40% on doctors' fees

Plus: No queues, no waiting, no travelling necessary. You can speak to one of the best doctors in South Africa right now, on your device – within 1 minute.

They can give you a prescription, sick note, advice & can even write referrals for lab tests – anything you need from the comfort of your home.

See a doctor now