Simplify Your Repeat Prescriptions: The Quickest Way to Manage & Renew in South Africa

Better for doctors and patients: Safer, faster and easier repeat prescriptions and renewals – here’s how to manage your prescriptions better via Udok.

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Managing repeat prescriptions can be as disruptive for doctors as it’s costly for patients. Especially when it comes time to renew, and the poor patient needs to book another appointment (at cost), travel and sit in a waiting room.

As a doctor, though, this also eats into resources. You know the patient needs the medication, and you’re most likely going to reissue it (unless something has seriously gone wrong), so burdening your admin, system, staff and yourself with a consult that could just as easily have been done digitally is only putting pressure on your practice.

Fortunately, there’s a new solution that allows you to manage and renew prescriptions while your patient is in the comfort of their patient’s home (or anywhere in the world, actually), without the hassle of travelling, waiting in queues, or dealing with unnecessary delays.

Here’s how managing repeat prescriptions via Udok works…

The Problem with Old-School Prescription Management

Managing repeat prescriptions traditionally involves a lot of back and forth for both doctors and patients. Patients often face the inconvenience of scheduling appointments, travelling to the clinic, and waiting in long queues. This process can be challenging for those with chronic conditions who need regular medication refills.

Doctors, on the other hand, have to handle a high volume of appointments for routine renewals, which takes up valuable time that could be spent on more complex cases. They also need to pay for and maintain physical office space and administrative support to manage these consultations, adding to their practice’s operational costs and logistical challenges.

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The New Way: Udok's Online Consultation Service

Udok transforms the prescription renewal process for both patients and doctors, offering a seamless, efficient, and cost-effective solution.

It’s easier and faster for patients:

  • Online Consultations: Connect with a doctor within minutes, eliminating the need to schedule appointments.
  • No Need to Travel: Consult from the comfort of your home, saving time and transportation costs.
  • No Queues: Avoid the long wait times typical in traditional clinic settings.
  • Cost-Effective: Udok's services are up to 40% cheaper than traditional consultations, making healthcare more affordable.

It’s faster and more cost-efficient for doctors:

  • Fast Consultations: Streamline the process with quick and efficient virtual consultations.
  • No Need for Physical Space: Doctors can conduct consultations from anywhere, reducing the need for a physical office.
  • Trusted Admin System: Use Udok’s reliable system to manage patient records and prescriptions efficiently.
  • Connected to All Pharmacies: Prescriptions are sent directly to pharmacies, ensuring swift preparation and pickup for patients.

Plus: Udok is Already Connected to All Major Pharmacies in SA

Udok is already integrated with pharmacies across the country. This means that once a prescription is issued, it is sent directly to your preferred pharmacy, ready for collection without any delays.

And, if the patient is travelling or is at a different pharmacy that’s not on the system yet, they can simply hit a button to request that pharmacy be added and it’s integrated automatically within minutes, expanding everyone’s options and convenience.

Secure & Private Repeat Prescriptions

Udok takes your privacy and security seriously. The platform ensures that all medical consultations and patient data are handled with the utmost confidentiality, adhering to all relevant healthcare regulations and standards. This means you can trust that your personal and medical information is secure.

Real-Life Applications and Testimonials

Here’s what some of our satisfied patients have to say about their experiences with Udok:

“Amazing service from amazing doctors. The consultations are scheduled with almost no delays, from the comfort of your bed, so you're able to avoid the long uncomfortable wait in reception areas. Sick notes are promptly emailed to you and prescriptions are sent for preparation to your closest pharmacy, so you can skip the queues and collect, or request delivery if available. Best value, all-in-one service.”
– Nandi Benade

“Recently consulted with doctor Eksteen on Udok. Professional and pleasant experience. Quick diagnoses and they gave me a prescription which was electronically forwarded to my pharmacist. Saved a lot of time and money. Works brilliantly.”
Francois Van Der Merwe

“Very quick and efficient service. I received a doctor immediately and got help and a prescription. 5-star service.”
Aretha Maphakathi

How to Set Up a Repeat Prescription or Renewal via Udok

1. Doctor Registration

Ensure the doctor is registered as a Udok provider – register with Udok here.

2. Request a Consultation

The patient requests a consultation with the registered doctor – simply click here.

3. Virtual Consultation

The doctor accepts and conducts the consultation virtually.

4. Prescription Sent

The doctor sends the prescription to the pharmacy of the patient's choice.

5. Medication Collection

The patient collects their medication at the pharmacy, as well as refills as needed.

6. Renewal Process

Once refills run out, the patient simply consults the doctor virtually via Udok again, saving time and money. The process repeats seamlessly.

What’s more, patients can now use Udok to consult with doctors on their medical aid with no co-payments.

Udok offers an innovative and efficient way to manage repeat prescriptions, making the process simpler and more convenient for both patients and doctors. 

Try Udok today to experience the future of healthcare in South Africa.

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