The Udok Story

Udok was born out of the need to address Africa’s healthcare crisis.

Even today, the most developed regions in Africa still only have half or a quarter the number of doctors per capita as the world’s developed countries. Africa’s least developed regions have just an 8th of the global average doctors per capita.

A shortage of skills, expertise, infrastructure and the sheer distances people need to travel – not to mention the costs involved – means that Africa’s health crisis continues to this day.

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An African healthcare solution, today

That is what Udok helps address. By enabling anyone, anywhere on any device to connect with a qualified expert instantly, no matter how far away, Udok gives South Africans, people in southern Africa and eventually the whole of Africa the ability to get the care and treatment they need.

Using tech is seemingly the only way to address the issue right now – decades of campaigning, fund raising and setting targets hasn’t been able to get Africa on par with say Europe, Asia or the US. With technology, we can at least start amking an impact in people lives right now.

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Advanced online doctors and medical services

Added features like face-to-face consultations, the ability to book and process lab testing and bloodworks, accessing a patient’s medical history and being able to receive and process prescriptions digitally means Udok’s virtual online doctor consultations exceeds even the capability of telehealth in Africa.

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