How Much Does an Online Doctor Consultation Cost?

The price, what it includes and all costs you should be aware of – this is how much an online doctor consultation costs at Udok

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One of the biggest benefits to meeting a doctor virtually – apart from the convenience of no waiting in queues and seeing a top-tier doctor right away – is that it can work out much cheaper than seeing a doctor in person.

The average in-person GP consultation costs around R550 per visit – plus travel costs and any time you need to take off work. An online doctor consultation costs almost 40% less.

How Much Does an Online Doctor Consultation Cost?

Seeing a virtual doctor right now via the Udok portal is just R348. And you can talk to them via video call or just voice (phone). And it’s not only more affordable but also really good value because you get to see one of the top doctors in South Africa.

What Does an Online Doctor Consultation Include?

Your online doctor does everything a face-to-face doctor would do, including:

  • Giving you accurate medical information and advice.
  • Providing a prescription for medication as needed.
  • Writing you referrals to specialists as needed.
  • Giving you a referral letter for pathology lab tests as needed.
  • Keeping a full record of your medical history and treatments.
  • Writing you a sick note for work/school if you need to be booked off.

What is Not Included in Your R348 Online Doctor Consultation Fee?

Your virtual doctor can only do the normal things a doctor can do. This means some things are not covered by the online consultation fee, including:

  • The cost of your medicine – the doctor only gives you a prescription, you must still buy the medicine.
  • The cost of any other doctor/specialist they refer you to.
  • The cost of your pathology/lab tests.

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How to See a Virtual Doctor Right Now

Embrace the future of healthcare with Udok and experience the benefits of virtual doctor consultations today.

The doctor will see you now

Save up to 40% on doctors' fees

Plus: No queues, no waiting, no travelling necessary. You can speak to one of the best doctors in South Africa right now, on your device – within 1 minute.

They can give you a prescription, sick note, advice & can even write referrals for lab tests – anything you need from the comfort of your home.

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