Big News: You Can Now See a Udok Doctor with Medical Aid and No Co-Payment

No cash? No problem! You can now see a Udok doctor with your medical aid and no co-payment – check that your medical aid is registered with Udok today...

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Need to see the doctor but strapped for cash? You can always use medical aid – if it wasn’t for the co-payment (which is just cash anyway)…

But now, you can. Brand-new from Udok: you can now see a doctor with your medical aid, but no co-payment.

Here’s how it works…

See a Udok Doctor with Medical Aid and No Co-Payment

One of the biggest medical aid pain points is having to make a co-payment when you see the doctor. It’s not always, but most of the time you need to fork out that extra percentage cash payment to the doctor, on top of your monthly medical aid payments.

But, of course, Udok’s on a mission to revolutionise healthcare in South Africa, so it should come as no surprise that we’re the first online doctor platform to allow you to see a doctor, put it on your medical aid with no co-payment.

That’s zero. No co-payment whatsoever.

You can try it right now.

Wait, Who or What is Udok?

Udok is the fastest-growing online doctors platform in South Africa. Which is a fancy way of saying we are like WhatsApp for doctors. 

We connect you to the best doctors in the country via your phone – so you don’t even have to make an appointment or leave your house.

Imagine you had a doctor in the family, or as a best friend. You wouldn’t have to make an appointment, sit in a waiting room etc. No, you would just WhatsApp them and ask for advice, a script, a referral, whatever.

Well, that’s exactly what Udok is. A platform, like WhatsApp, that you just open up and start talking to a doctor immediately.

Seriously, check out the Udok platform.

What is a Co-Payment on Medical Aid?

Co-payments are a fixed or percentage amount that your medical aid requires you to pay out of your pocket when you go see a doctor.

The medical aid covers the rest of the cost – that’s what your premium is for. But most of the time, when you go see the doctor, it’s not like you don’t pay anything. You have to make a co-payment.

And, obviously, people have mixed feelings about co-payments – like, why can't the medical aid cover the whole price? You’re paying monthly after all…

We feel you – that’s why we created Udok’s medical aid with no co-payments service.

Really? No Co-Payments with Udok?

Indeed. If you log onto Udok right now and request to see a doctor, you’ll be given a payment options choice.

Select “medical aid”, and our system will check with your medical aid and confirm your “no co-payment” service BEFORE anything goes through.

How to See a Udok Doctor on Medical with No Co-Payment

STEP 1: Go to the Udok app.

STEP 2: Login or register a new account.

STEP 3: Complete your registration by verifying your email (takes less than a minute).

STEP 4: Request a doctor’s consult (also takes less than a minute).

STEP 5: While waiting to connect, select the Medical Aid payment option.

STEP 6: You’ll be notified if you qualify for the "no co-payment" consult on your current medical aid plan in minutes.

It’s that simple!

Any questions? Phone +27 21 205 3737 or email right now.

Here’s to always getting the best medical care and never having to make a co-payment again.

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