How Do I Find an Affordable Doctor in South Africa?

The top, most cost-effective expert GPs – here’s how to find the most affordable doctors in South Africa

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Fast, friendly and available to see you today. It’s sometimes hard to find an affordable doctor. Especially if you’ve moved to a new area, are travelling, at work or if your usual doctor retired.

So, if you’re asking: “How do I find an affordable doctor?”, here are 3 ways to find a doctor nearby who’s good at what they do but won’t charge you an arm and leg for a consultation. Plus: A bonus option for saving up to 40% on doctor's fees right in your own home.

1. See a Doctor at the nearest Clicks Pharmacy

Clicks Pharmacies now have a service where you can meet a nurse in-person in the store, and see a doctor via video call,with the nurse assisting you with the check-up, while the doctor diagnosed and write the prescription etc.

Learn how to see a doctor at Clicks. And see how to get a prescription in SA, see how to find a good doctor, how to get a prescription at Clicks or get a repeat prescription.

2. Ask for recommendations

You can ask for recommendations from your neighbours, friends, family, and coworkers to gather insights into preferred doctors in your area. Another option is to use online search engines to identify doctors with positive online reviews.

Additionally, consider consulting your medical aid provider or even your neighbourhood pharmacy for further recommendations on reputable doctors nearby.

3. Call and ask for prices

Search engines and online directories can help you find some doctors’ contact details. This at least allows you to phone them and ask what their consultation fees are. Once you have a list, compare their consultation fees and the cost of any procedures or tests they may recommend. 

Keep in mind that the cheapest option isn't always the best, so also consider the doctor's qualifications and reputation – see our directory for the best doctors in South Africa.

4. Use a government facility or clinic

Another option is government health schemes or a local clinic. While these are not entirely free (as most people assume), they are sometimes more affordable than private healthcare, and you usually don’t have to pay on the spot.

Just be aware: the South African public healthcare system – bless them! – is notoriously crowded and understaffed for the number of people it serves. It’s not unheard of to sit in a crowded waiting room for an entire day waiting to see a doctor.

5. Do an online consultation instead

If you’re looking for a doctor near you, why not get one that sees you right now, in your own home? No queues, no waiting. You can see really good doctors you know and trust, no matter where you are with online doctor consultations.

It's essentially the same as an in-person doctor's visit, just via video on your phone. During the online consultation, they will assess your condition, ask questions, maintain your medical records, offer advice, provide diagnoses and referrals, and even issue prescriptions or order laboratory tests if necessary.

The only difference is that the interaction takes place through a video call on your phone or computer. This means you can receive medical attention from the comfort of your own home, eliminating the need for travel. Additionally, there's no need to wait; when you log on, you can connect with the doctor instantly.

It’s normally also up to 40% more affordable to see a doctor via virtual consult – see how much an online doctor consult costs and learn how to see a doctor right now for less.

Learn how to see an emergency doctor over the holidays, get an emergency prescription over the holidays and learn how medical aids can reduce out-of-hospital costs by R3bn per year.

PS: Did you know you can now see a Udok doctor on medical aid and no co-payment? You can even use it to manage all your repeat prescriptions.

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Save up to 40% on doctors' fees

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They can give you a prescription, sick note, advice & can even write referrals for lab tests – anything you need from the comfort of your home.

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