Get Going Fast: How to Set Up a Virtual Practice with Udok

Register, complete your onboarding, create your profile and start seeing patients, automating scripts and scheduling – this is how to set up a virtual practice with Udok

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Looking to start a virtual medical practice in South Africa?

Good call, establishing a brick-and-mortar practical in SA can cost upwards of R2 million – and that’s just to get started with zero patients, foot traffic or guaranteed income yet.

Whereas joining the Udok Providers Network is fast, much more affordable (we’re talking R500 per month for patients, scheduling, medical record-keeping, script refills and lab referrals etc.) – everything you need to start seeing patients and earning immediately.

How to set up a virtual practice with Udok in 4 easy steps

1. Register as a Doctor on the Udok Providers Network

The first step is registering as a medical professional on our system. It’s a very simple process where you just:

– Enter your Name

– Your Email Adress

– and choose a password.

This will automatically create your account and notify our friendly team to get in touch and help you get set up. Simply go here to register right now.

2. Follow the Steps to Complete Your Onboarding

Next, our team will contact you and explain the onboarding process – we will just do due diligence, verify your qualifications and experience etc. And then walk you through how the system works, and show you all the benefits and features – everything you need to get started.

Of course, you get full support from our team, and lots of handy features like scheduling, admin, and automated processes, not to mention you’ll be connected to our network of labs, pharmacies and support services.

3. In the Meantime, Create Your Online Profile 

During the onboarding process, which might take a short while, you can boost your own personal medical marketing by completing your profile on our public directory of doctors in South Africa

This is a full directory we are building out, and it’s a bonus free feature that comes with your virtual practice that allows patients to book consultations with you straight from the web (even before they enter the app).

We’re still refining the listing process, but for now, you can enter all your details, upload images and complete your doctor’s profile right here.

4. Start Seeing Clients & Earning Income

Once you’ve completed onboarding and the team has activated your practice, you can literally start seeing patients and building your virtual practice.

It’s super simple, with every feature you need to run a fully-fledged practice, and the best part is you can join today.

What is a virtual medical practice?

You might be familiar with the concept of telemedicine, which is basically conducting consultations via phone. A virtual medical practice with Udok is exactly the same, only our tech is way better – you engage and interact with clients in full video with awesome sound, so it’s as if you’re right there in person.

But, of course, you’re not. It’s virtual, meaning you don't need to rent office space. Don’t need any staff or admin systems investment. You can see patients from anywhere in the country (anywhere in the world, actually) right from the comfort of your living room, home office or wherever you like.

Why go with Udok?

Udok is the forerunner in online consultations in South Africa. We already have a large number of patients using the system every day, and we’ve already built all the technology. 


Trust us, this tech is expensive to set up. You’d probably spend just as much (if not more) building your own tech as you would setting up a brick-and-mortar practice. And we already have it, ready for you to just plug in a go.

We’ve even already sorted out all the legal and compliance stuff for you.

And it just makes sense because we already have the network, the systems – full record keeping, scheduling, automation – and the patients. So starting a virtual practice in SA with Udok is kind of a no-brainer.

If you have any questions about setting up a virtual practice in South Africa with Udok, don't hesitate to contact us.

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