Health News: How to Get the Best in Family Healthcare in South Africa

Skipping the queue and paying less: This is how South Africans can get way better family healthcare. Plus: Healthiest snacks, back-to-school health, sustainable weight loss & something to share with friends.

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Skip the Queue: South Africans Deserve Better Healthcare

It’s no secret South Africa’s healthcare system is struggling.

Experts last year ranked us in the bottom 22% of the global healthcare index. That’s behind other African countries, including Egypt, Ethiopia, Rwanda, Ghana, and Malawi.

Even war-torn countries like Sudan and Ukraine have better healthcare than SA.

But why’s it so bad? 

Well, South Africans get left standing in long queues for hours to see a doctor. And then the treatment is also pretty bad.

What’s worse is that we pay astronomical prices for healthcare – SA spends the highest proportion of its money on private healthcare in the world, but that only covers 16% of the population. 84% of us can’t afford that pricey healthcare.

Enough is Enough

Udok founder, Dr Piet Van Niekerk, says this is just not acceptable. “You simply cannot let a sick person sit and wait hours for help, we need patients to see the doctor immediately,” he says.

We did a quick survey, and 70% of the doctors in South Africa we contacted agreed with him.

“That’s what we’re changing with Udok,” Dr Van Niekerk says. “We are making it easier and faster for South Africans to get good-quality healthcare.”

So, if you know and use Udok, spread the word and tell friends and family how to use the Udok app, so we can help end the suffering and show South Africa that there is a better way.


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Best Option When You’re Too Sick to Drive

“I have had 2 consults this week already. So convenient and super easy, right in the comfort of your own home. Very efficient service and medication worked instantly. Script and doctor's notes are issued immediately, with no hassle. The script was also sent to the pharmacy, saving me the trip and queues which is something that's appreciated, especially when you're unwell.

“Accurate diagnosis and no time wasted sitting in Dr's rooms amongst other patients and more infectious germs etc.

“When you are too ill to drive or you can't get an appointment at the doctor's room or you may have a contagious illness, this is honestly the best route to take. Highly recommend this service!”

Tina Naidoo

The doctor will see you now

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