About GP Dr Marc Etienne De Villiers in Durbanville, their passions, patient care, specialisations, contact details, plus: how to book a consultation right now

Serving with passion, kindness and a genuine love of people. Dr Marc Etienne De Villiers is a Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery qualified GP doctor in Durbanville, Cape Town who also practices via online consultations.

With extensive experience in treating patients with autoimmune conditions, Dr De Villiers is known as a highly compassionate and caring doctor, with a patient-centred approach that makes him the doctor of choice for any that know him.

And the best part is that you can book an appointment with Dr Marc Etienne De Villiers from anywhere in South Africa via their online consultations.

"I qualified as a general practitioner at Pretoria University in 1995.Having been in general practice since then, I have a wealth of experience in all aspects of General Medicine.I have a special interest in testosterone replacement and bioidentical hormones for men and women. I'm also very interested and experienced in LGBTQ+ issues including PEP and Prep. I am nonjudgmental and my patients tell me that I have an excellent bedside manner that puts them at ease. Looking forward to helping."

What inspired you to pursue a career in medicine?

I have always been passionate about helping people. 

What do you believe is the most rewarding aspect of being a doctor?

Being the conduit that helps people to live the best life possible.

How do you make the healthcare experience more comfortable for patients who may have anxiety or fear related to medical visits?

Wonderfully relaxing waiting room and super friendly and helpful staff

Can you share a patient success story that was particularly memorable for you?

I have many patients with autoimmune conditions like Rheumatoid Arthritis, Ulcerative colitis and cancer that have managed to come off heavy chemotherapy-like drugs with terrible side effects through the use of LDN (Low dose naltrexone).

How do you stay up-to-date with the latest advancements in your field?

I attend regular educational CPD lectures and seminars live and virtually to keep up with the latest trends in health care.

What do you believe sets your practice apart from others in your area?

Caring patient-centred approach to patients.

What's your philosophy on preventive care, and how do you work with patients to achieve it?

Prevention is way better than trying to cure complex diseases. We do regular health checks and interventions to prevent chronic diseases and disability.

What resources do you recommend to your patients who want to take a more active role in their health?

I regularly supply my patients with websites and videos about their illness/condition so that they understand and can assist in the management of their own health rather than just being told to take these tablets.

Can you share an example of a medical misconception you often encounter and correct for your patients?

Alcoholism and addiction are a flaw in your personality and your fault. They are treatable conditions like high blood pressure and are not your fault.


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MBChB (University of Pretoria, 1995)

Additional Qualifications

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Advanced Trauma Life support

Services Offered

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General medicine

Chronic illness

Testosterone replacement therapy(TRT)

Bioidentical hormone replacement for women

GGLP (Glucagon like peptide) treatment for weight loss.

PEP and Prep for HIV

Removal of skin tags and solar keratosis with Cryotherapy (Cryopen)

LDN (low dose naltrexone) for autoimmune conditions

Naltrexone for pts with alcohol problems.

NAD and Myers cocktail IVI drips

Online/virtual General medical consultations, anywhere in South Africa.

Sick Notes if you need to be booked off

Digital Medical Records (access any time on your phone/device)

Pharmaceutical Prescriptions in minutes

Lab & Pathology Referrals in minutes

Referrals in minutes

Special Interests

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